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Tattoo Deposit

Tattoo Deposit

  • You must call the shop once the deposit has been paid in order to set up the tattoo appointment date.​  Tattoo deposits are non refundable.  ​We will only touch up a tattoo once for free and it has to be done within 6 months after the tattoo has been completed.  ​You must bring current drivers licence on appointment day. 
  • YOU MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 IN ORDER TO PURCHASE DEPOSIT TO GET A TATTOO. This deposit is for large scale work that will take multiple sessions to complete. (sleeves - backpiece)  This Deposit is for one single drawing for your tattoo design any additional designing beyond the first design will require an additional drawing deposit. 
  • Deposits are valid for 6 months. It is your duty to call the shop and schedule the appointment within the 6 month time frame. After 6 months if you have not scheduled your appointment then it will be forfeit and you will be required to pay another deposit to schedule your tattoo appointment.
  • Tattoo Deposits are non refundable.  If an artist stops working at the studio we will have you reschedule the appointment with another artist. There are no exceptions. Please call the shop once the deposit has been paid and we will set up an appointment date for you.  
  • Thank You....
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