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In 2-3 hours remove bandage clean the tattoo with unscented dial antimicrobial soap and warm water pat dry with a paper towel.  After tattoo is dry apply a thin layer of aveno unscented hand lotion to the tattoo. DO NOT RE-WRAP YOUR ​TATTOO, DO NOT EXPOSE IT TO DIRECT ​SUNLIGHT OR SOAK IN WATER. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT THE TATTOO.  MAINTAIN THE AFTER CARE FOR 3 WEEKS. BE AWARE:  TATTOOS HURT THEY CAN FLAKE, ITCH, SCAB AND PEEL. YOU MUST WAIT 3 WEEKS MINIMUM FOR ANY TOUCH-UPS.  AFTER 3 WEEKS YOU MAY APPLY SUNBLOCK TO KEEP THE TATTOO LOOKING NEW...DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS OR USE ANY OTHER PRODUCTS.  ​

Goliath Tattoo Studio

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